When I’m Worried, and I Can’t Sleep

Well, THAT rarely happens, but when it does what do I do?

The first thing I do is try and determine what is bothering me to the point of keeping me awake. The usual suspects are: Family Matters, A Large Purchase, An Important Decision, Finances, or Knowing I’ve Made a Wrong Decision.

These are common to many people, and NONE of them are solvable by worrying.

Sometimes I’m not a key player – just an observer that FEELS the issue in a big way.

Again, this isn’t something that happens often, but every once in a great while a circumstance will arise that comes in like a steamroller, flattening and crushing everything in its path, including me.

From my perspective, no solution will make everyone happy. And, if it involves hurt or anger among family and friends, my heart is usually beating 90 miles a minute, and my brain is racing to find the magic words that will totally heal the situation.

The crazy thing is, many times it’s not MY issue, not my fault, and certainly not my place to fix. But the NEED to make it right is mine – knowing full well it isn’t mine.

It appears that the moron in my oxymoron personality takes over frequently. I just feel the need to sit all the parties down, let them each speak while all listen, and then break it down inserting my two-cents worth in a loving, thoughtful and respectful manner. Way easier said than done.

I mean we ALL make mistakes, and the majority of us don’t set out to purposely hurt anyone – and yet we do.

Why can’t we all recognize that we inadvertently hurt one another and own what we did – even if/when it wasn’t intentional?

It goes on among family members and friends frequently. Feelings are hurt, and then when called on it, the hurter blows up like a blowfish with a defensive stance rather than ever entertaining the idea that their actions/comments need to be addressed. Sometimes that hurter is me.

I used to let these situation pass without comment, but recently I’m more likely to confront howbeit, as nicely as I can.

For one thing, I know my faults, so I have to be willing to address what I’ve done without getting my panties in a wad.

I get that some things are not as bad as they appear, while other things are much worse than they appear.

I used to lie (or is it lay?) in bed and rehearse whole conversations with the various players. No wonder I couldn’t  sleep – I was playing all the parts in a play that hadn’t even been written!

In my “mature” years, I’ve learned a better way. It really works for me.

I get out of bed and spend time with God. I pray, I meditate, or I read the Scripture – sometimes I do all three. Slowly, as the minutes with God pass, my brain slows down. My blood pressure comes down. My heart rate slows down. A peace I can’t explain comes over me.

Is the issue resolved? No.

Has the issue changed? No.

Only I have changed, because I’ve been in the Presence of Holy God. Then I go back to bed, and I go to sleep.

So, the next time you’re worrying and can’t sleep, spend some time with God. I promise you will receive peace like none other.

See you next time,


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