A God Nudge

Hello, again. It’s been a minute.

Life is like that sometimes, and sometimes we just have to grab on and ride the tide.

I’ve ridden the tide of my life long enough, and now it time to blog.

Early one morning I was sleeping one minute, and wide awake the next – for no apparent reason. At 68 my reasons range from bathroom trip, to a call/text,  or the dreaded alarm clock. None of those were the culprit on this day.

I was wide awake and didn’t know why until I smelled the unmistakable odor of natural gas. I had never smelled that odor in our bedroom.

I quickly made my way to the kitchen and found one of the knobs on the stove slightly cocked just enough to allow gas to escape, but not enough that a burner was lit. I carefully shut it off and went about the task of opening every window in the house. I let the dogs out on the deck so they could breathe fresh air.

I woke Matthew, turned on all the fans, and we sat in a well vented area as the dangerous gas began to slowly dissipate.

Upon reflecting on that event, I can’t help but KNOW that God gently nudged me awake. I received a God nudge that morning!

He didn’t startle me. I didn’t wake up in fear. I was calm, yet wide awake, and capable to jump into action.

I shudder to think what could have happened had I not been awakened. At the very least our three pets could have succumbed to the gas, and at the worst all five of us could have succumbed.

I know God is with us always, but being reminded as I was on that morning is a humbling. I am so thankful for that God nudge.

I praise Him for all He does, and all He will do. I encourage you to be aware of God’s Presence in your life, and of the God nudges He gives us along the way.

See you next time,



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  1. Debi, enjoyed your message today. I’ve often pondered how many little “Godwinks”, I call them, we get in our lifetime. I’m sure mine are too many to count. Love you. Kay

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