Meet Debi

Debi Merchant
Author, Speaker, Humorist, Consultant

How you navigate through life’s journey is determined by how you steer your boat. You’re at the helm! The possibilities are limitless.

Debi is a firm believer in the idea that we’re at the helm of our life’s journey, and the course we take depends on the choices we make (or, if you will, how we steer our boat).

Debi was born in Macon, GA, grew up in Hanahan, SC (near Charleston), and currently resides outside Atlanta, GA, with her husband, Matthew.  All the kids are grown, and they have been blessed with four grandchildren to date.

Well-rounded in her faith, Debi believes your journey with God, while a personal one, needs to be authentic so people watching you can meet God through you, even if they never attend a church service.

She enjoys grandkids, walking/hiking, reading, music, movies, comedy, family, sports, and tag-team cooking with Matthew.

She retired with over 34 years as a U.S. Civil Service employee.

She was been a member of Toastmasters International and attained DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) in June 2005. 

Debi has been speaking publicly most of her life, beginning in church and continuing in other venues.

Her target audiences are schools, churches, civic groups, and businesses. She will present an entertaining but inspiring message that will ignite the fire within, that we have the power to make the right choices for our lives. We have the power to “steer our own boat”.

Debi is passionate about personal responsibility, utilizing common sense and common courtesy, and living by a high standard of integrity.

From a Key Note Address, after dinner speech, or a seminar presentation, Debi’s speeches are sprinkled with humor and practical advice. She also offers speech writing and coaching to those wishing to give speeches.

Debi’s devotional book, Dancing in God’s Love was published in 2021. Additionally, she is also working on a memoir about her hometown, Hanahan, SC, entitled On a Hill Midst Oak Trees. Debi is also working on a novel that she hopes to publish in 2024. As you may guess from her blogs, Debi is ADHD, and kind of “all over the place”. She falls into no genre.

 Please visit the “Debi’s books” tab for additional information on her books.

Due West United Methodist Church “Circle of Friends”,
Your Retirement Coach Lunch Seminar,
Toastmaster District 14 Conferences – Presenter,
Due West United Methodist Church – W.I.N.G.S. Christmas Brunch, Credit Professionals International dinner,
Life University (speech classes)

Testimonial for Debi as a Speaker

“Debi Merchant is an inspirational and informative speaker. She uses humor and personalization to build a rapport and engage her audience in her topic. I highly recommend her for your next presentation.” -Carol Neal, CCBE/MPCE, Past International President, Credit Professionals International