The Hills We Crest, The Hills We Crest

As I was driving to my mom’s house to help my sisters clean it out to sell, I crested the hill on I-20E that brings the Atlanta skyline into view.

It always takes my breath away, and makes me proud to live in the Atlanta area. It is especially beautiful first thing in the morning before the sun rises, and late in the evening after the sun has set.

The thought occurred to me as I crested it on this day, that there are numerous hills we crest every day.  Some are real hills like the one on I-20, and others are the metaphorical hills of our life story.

Some take our breath away because of their beauty, and others take our breath away because of the depths of sadness or anger they bring.

Just as we can’t stop in the middle of I-20 and refuse to crest that hill, we can’t stop cresting the hills on our life’s journey. We have to learn how to best navigate them.

Whatever emotion a hill brings us must be felt and acknowledged as we are honest with ourselves. We must also understand we can’t stay on that hill. Just as on a road we crest the hill and then we descend to our destination, so it is with life.

There are many other hills in life – family drama hill, selling our parents’ home hill, illness hill, loss of job hill, money issue hill, death of loved one hill, moving to a new city hill, starting at a new school hill, got a new job hill – and so many more

How we respond to the hills of our lives will determine our life’s journey. We can’t control the hills, but we CAN control our reactions to the hills.

Placing our hands in God’s hands and allowing Him to pull us up, over, around, down, and possibly through the hills of life will surely make our journey better.

See you next time,

I did not take the above picture, as the Georgia Highway Patrol frowns on us stopping in the middle of the road to take a picture lol.






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