Make the Most of the Choices You Have

Not many of us, if any on this earth, have everything we want. Many of us DO have everything we need, but we don’t always make the choices that allow us to be our best selves.

The image of the compass above is to illustrate and represent the choices we have in all directions.

Life has always been about choice from the very first humans in the Garden of Eden. They set the bar really low when they CHOSE to eat that apple. We’ve been making regrettable choices ever since.

Some choices are really easy and simple to make. Decent people usually make correct choices when confronted with a major right or wrong decision: steal the money/don’t steal the money; snatch an easy shoplift item/don’t snatch the item.

It’s the every day smaller issues that sometimes trip us up.

My personal biggest nemesis is my reaction to events in my life. For instance, getting cut off in traffic and choosing to lay in on the horn. Choosing to become all flustered when things don’t go my way. Choosing to react instead of just letting it go.

I’m working on that aspect of my life, as well as choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Choosing to exercise, rather than making excuses not to exercise. Choosing to eat healthy, non-processed food, rather than junk food.

I’m working on living a better life by choosing to give the beggar by the road some money or a gift card for food or gas, rather than passing by without making eye contact.  Choosing  to have difficult conversations with people I care about, rather than allowing things to fester causing mole hills to become mountains in our relationships. And choosing my words carefully in all conversations.

We should all strive to make the best choices. It’s not always easy, and all of us will stumble occasionally.

Our lives will be richer and happier when we learn to make the most of the choices we have.

See you next time,

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  1. This is so beautiful. I’m hoping it can make a difference in some of my decisions in life. Thank you .

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