The Golden Rule ALWAYS Applies (Even in SEC Football)

“Really, God, the Golden Rule applies to SEC football?”

“Yes, Debi, it does. Even when your beloved DAWGS lose.”

God and I discuss everything important to me, so yes, the above conversation took place.

For those of you not familiar with college football, the SEC is the Conference that at this writing has 7 teams in the top 25 AP College Poll.

There are two divisions in the SEC.

The SEC-East is comprised of the: Georgia Bulldogs (aka DAWGS), Tennessee Volunteers, South Carolina Gamecocks, Kentucky Wildcats, Florida Gators, Missouri Tigers, and Vanderbilt Commodores.

The SEC-West is comprised of the: Alabama Crimson Tide, LSU Tigers, Mississippi Rebels, Mississippi State Bulldogs, Auburn Tigers, Texas A&M Aggies, and Arkansas Razorbacks.

The above lists are in the order of their current standings at this writing.

I have many family members and many close friends who pull for their various teams in the SEC, as well as other conferences around the country.

Sometimes we forget the Golden Rule during college football season.

The picture above is of a shirt that was apparently sewn just for me according to several of my relatives and friends. It’s meant to be a joke, but is it? Have I, at times, forgotten the Golden Rule when my DAWGS lost?

I’m ashamed to admit that in years past I was not a good loser.

A not so gentle reminder of the Golden Rule a few years back, changed my reaction to losses. A cousin of mine totally rubbed it in when my DAWGS lost to his team!

The Golden Rule is found in Matthew 7:12 in the New Testament. The New Living Translation reads: Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This  is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.

These are the words of Jesus.

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t like it rubbed in when my team loses. So, if I’m to live as Jesus said, I can’t rub it in when my team wins.

After I honestly embraced the Golden Rule, I learned to say to my family members and friends, “good game”, rather than ignoring them or acting as if they had personally offended me.

If you watch football, the Golden rule is practiced after every game. The coaches meet at mid-field, and they and the players hug and shake hands with the other team,

God smiles.

I’ve witnessed church going people act totally inappropriately the Sunday after a Saturday game. Until God got hold of my heart, I was one of them.

The Golden Rule isn’t a suggestion. It’s a lifestyle. Not only in football, but also in everything we do.

So let’s live it! Let’s treat others as we want to be treated. It will make all the difference in our lives – in our world.

See you next time,

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