That’s an Omelette?

Yes, the above picture IS an omelette,  howbeit not as attractive as ones you are used to seeing. It’s perhaps like the ugly duckling. No, wait, in the end the ugly duckling was a beautiful swan. Wrong analogy, Deb!

When I make, okay, TRY TO MAKE omelettes, they usually look like the one above. This morning was no different. I’m really NOT a cook.

It got me thinking about life, though, and how what we set out to accomplish does not always look as we imaged it would. It’s  not altogether wrong and it shouldn’t be thrown out, because it still works – just differently.

So, was my breakfast an spinach omelette? Yes, all of the ingredients and the tastes were in it. Cooking is not and never will be my strong suit, but what I prepare IS usually edible. It’s just not attractive by the standards of a chef. If you’re a chef and reading this, you may be on the verge of fainting!

Many years ago I wanted to prepare my Mom’s sweet potato pudding recipe. The problem was, I didn’t read the recipe first  to insure I had all the ingredients. As I began to prepare her signature dish, I realized I was short a sweet potato or two. So I improvised and used a couple Idaho potatoes. I realize the chefs who didn’t faint earlier are no longer with us, but I digress…

When I took it out of the oven, I knew right away I probably should have just run to the store for more sweet potatoes.  Daddy looked at it and asked, “Why does it have white flecks in it?” I was honest and replied, “Because I used some Idaho potatoes.” The look on his face can’t even begin to be described here. Mom said, “I’m sure it will taste just fine.” I wouldn’t describe the taste as “fine”, but it was edible. It wasn’t a total disaster, and again, didn’t have to be thrown out.

When we do something, and it doesn’t quite live up to our expectations, we can look for an alternative that will work, even though the look and feel may be somewhat different than we’d hoped. Our lives may not always look inviting to others, but that doesn’t mean anything is really wrong – just different.

This also applies to people we may encounter who don’t look or dress like us. Just because they are different from us, doesn’t mean we should avoid them. You never know when God has put someone in your path, and once you engage with them you may be quite surprised to learn you’ve discovered a brand new type of “omelette” that you really like! Just sayin’.

See you next time,

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  1. Great story that I can relate too. I am a decent cook but nothing like my mom, she did teach me how to cook but one thing she never taught me was Red Eye Gravy and my family wanted some so I thought it can’t be any different than making regular gravy but not sure why it was called Red Eye Gravy so when I thought I had made it correctly I didn’t see any red so I searched through my cabinet and found what I thought would make it correct but no red food coloring doesn’t make Red Eye Gravy needless to say it wasn’t fit to eat so it did get tossed but I did learn to make it the correct way and it is delicious .

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