Our COVID Christmas

Well, as diligent as I was, wearing mask everywhere, carrying wipes and hand sanitizer in my purse, I still managed to somehow contract the 2020 BUG, COVID19! Then, being the giving person I am, I gave it to my husband.

The above picture is the bed in our guest room, where I was isolating in the attempt to keep Matthew from getting it. As you can see, my meds, crackers, tv remote, wipes, thermometer, journal, and a hairband were all within arms reach.

I spent almost a week in this room, coming out only to use the restroom, until Matthew was also diagnosed.

Fortunately, as sick as we were, neither of us had to be hospitalized. Matthew even proved all men ARE NOT wimps when they’re ill, because he continued to wait on me hand and foot during his illness.

My oxygen levels weren’t high enough to keep the medical community happy, but I know my body, and even fully well, I am “short winded” as we used to call it in the old days. My track coach back in 1969, said if she didn’t know better she’d think I smoked because I absolutely could not breathe after running twice around the track. I was a 50-yard sprinter, and the last leg of a 220 relay (55 yards). Beyond that, I could not breathe. Period.

After a zoom doctor visit with my primary physician, she realized that I was indeed okay, except for a serious sinus infection, which she prescribe another round of steroids and an antibiotic, my oxygen levels were normal for me. The meds worked very well, and I continued to improve.

As Christmas Day approached, we realized that it would not be prudent to be with family this year. I’m not going to lie, I had an “ugly cry” in the shower Christmas morning.

The reason for the season is the picture below:

We purchased the hand carved nativity when we were on our pilgrimage to Israel in 2019. While it was sad not being with family for the first time in 68 Christmases, remembering the true meaning of the celebration made it bearable.

Technology made it easier, too, as we spoke with family on our phones,  zoomed with family, and Face-Timed with family. My younger sister actually held her phone with me Face-Timing her, as she and my older sister stood behind Mom, so I’d still be in the annual “Mom/Daughters” Christmas picture.

Yes, being with family and friends on Christmas is a blessing. But the greater blessing is knowing the Savior Who came as a baby, to give us Eternal Life.

God is good all the time; all the time God is good!

Happy New Year, keep the faith, and stay safe!!

Until next time…

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