Miracle of I-575

It was a beautiful day as I drove to a basketball game to watch our granddaughter play.

It was my first outing since recovering from COVID, and I had so many things to be thankful for.

My husband and I frequently attend games, so the parents of the other players know us. Many told me I’d been in their prayers, and how good it was to see me again.

It was a great game! We won 49-36, and our granddaughter sank a 3-pointer.

I was in a great mood as I left the gym. Passing a DD (formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts), I decided to treat myself to a donut and caramel macchiato for lunch.

The aroma of the coffee and caramel filled my car. Having lost my sense of smell and taste during COVID, that was a glorious moment!  I couldn’t wait to eat and drink my “healthy” lunch.

As I was pulling back onto the road, I heard a weird sound that I chalked up to gravel in their driveway.

I practically inhaled my donut, as it was way past my usual lunch time. By the time I reached the interstate, I was rockin’ out to the music on my radio, and relishing my piping hot macchiato.

The speed limit increased to 70, and living up to my nickname, Lead Foot, I powered up to the full speed of 70. I was cruising along, singing to the top of my lungs, and thoroughly enjoying life.

All of a sudden I heard a loud pop, and it became very difficult to steer the car.

I was in the middle lane, and worked very hard to steer clear of the cars on both sides. The right lane finally cleared enough for me to carefully make my way to the emergency parking lane.

Once I stopped safely off the road, I sent up a breath prayer of thanksgiving that God had helped me safely maneuver the 4,000 pound missile to the emergency lane.

Cars zipped passed me at speeds that caused my disabled car to sway back and forth in the wind.

The above picture tells the story. You can see where the entire side of the tire blew apart. The culprit was a screw I’d managed to pickup somewhere. Perhaps that was the weird noise I’d heard.

Once the tire was changed, and I was again driving home, the miracles of the day flooded into my heart and soul. I wish one of those miracles had been that my coffee was still hot, but alas being alive to drink the cold coffee was a miracle! And I savored every drop.

My keeping control of the car was a miracle. Not even glancing any of the many cars also on the road was a miracle. Not being hit as I sat along the side of the road was a miracle.

Many times we equate miracles with the parting of the Red Sea or with turning water into wine. However, I submit life itself is a miracle. We experience miracles each and every day.

As we continue our journey of life, let us be aware and thankful of the miracles we experience. Especially in this season of COVID that has gripped our world. Even in COVID, even in the worst moments of our lives, there are miracles. Be open to, and aware of them.

Until next time…

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