My Mantra for Life

The last day of 2018 – wow. What a year it has been!! Ups/downs, victories/challenges, health/illness, happiness/sadness – and through it all GOD.

All of us encounter the good and the bad as we travel this thing we call life. I’ve learned it’s not so much what we encounter, but how we react to what we encounter that matters.

That’s why I use water and boats on my site, because how we steer our boats (how we react to the storms on our sea of life) will always determine our journey.

Many years ago Isaiah 40:28-31 was the Scripture in the devotional book I was using at the time. I don’t remember the exact date, but I know it was sometime between March 1981 and August 1983. It was a Saturday evening, and being the mom of two small children, I had retired to the bathroom (I was desperate) for peace and quiet to have my devotion.

As I read the Scripture, I prayed God would make it come alive to me. The very next morning, our pastor preached on this very passage!! And for the first time these verses resonated with me in a way they never had.

Dr. Edward Carney said that God will help us through, over or around whatever it is we face. He said sometimes God carries us. He changed my life that day with those words.

I’ve experienced many trials in the years since I heard that sermon, and never – never once, has God let me down. Through it all, God is right beside me, running, walking, soaring, and carrying me.

My prayer for you is that you embrace this Scripture. It will change your life.

See you next time…..

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