And Then He Flew

The other day I happened to see a baby bird jump out of the nest mama bird had made in one of my hanging baskets. He had what I describe as a “what the heck” look on his little face as he wobbled around on the table where I’d set the basket earlier.  He made no attempt to fly. I checked back a little later, and he was back in the nest.

The next day I saw him hop out of the basket again. This time he wobbled less and before I could grab my camera he flew away.

I can’t help but compare that to when we humans begin to spread our own wings and test the areas around us. We crawl around on our hands and knees, or in my case  on our hands and feet. (NOTE: That began my doing it harder than it has to be journey. More on that later.)

After several weeks/months of crawling we progress to the next step – walking. We wobble like the baby bird until we get our sea legs, and then it is off to the races – much to our parents’ dismay as we begin to explore and get into EVERYTHING.

Even as older children, teens and even adults, we tentatively try new things getting our bearings and our footing before we actually set out. Our missteps and our failures, like the baby bird’s first attempt, only make us stronger and better prepared for when we actually fly.

Failures/missteps are not meant to stop us nor impede our progress. Their purpose is to strengthen us and shore up our determination to move forward; to obtain our goals; to be who we are intended to be; and to do what we are intended to do.

So, the next time you fail or feel like a failure, get back up and try again like baby bird. Wobble and wobble until you take flight, and soar to heights unknown – in your own time, in your own way.

See you next time…

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