The Silver Lining






We’ve all heard the old saying “look for the silver lining”, but most of the time when we’re in whatever mess we’re in it’s hard to imagine,  much less look for or see, “the silver lining”.

Recently, we had to change our home phone number because someone cloned it and was robo-dialing people using it. As I made call after call alerting all the doctor’s offices, insurance companies, banks, the pharmacy, and countless other entities that use and require our phone number, I was getting madder than a wet hen (as we say in the South).

It wasn’t until much later that evening as I was lying in bed that I realized there was not one, but TWO silver linings. The first was that, after repeating it 50,000 times, I’d memorized our new number! And the second was that we would no longer receive calls from the creditors of the disrespectful relative who continually opened accounts, listed our phone number in the contact area, and then just didn’t make the payments!!

The hassle of a new phone number in no way compares with some of the major issues we face in life. Being aware that even in the worst of times there IS a silver lining, may help all of us to weather the storms of life.

The ultimate silver lining in my life is God. That’s why I chose the picture I did for this blog. Do you see not only God’s light/love in the sky, but also in the dark waters of the Santa Rosa Sound? THAT is my silver lining! THAT is the silver lining available to all that will invite and accept God into their lives. Regardless of what is happening in our lives, God is the constant, the One who continues to shine and work in the background loving us all the while. God is our Silver Lining.

See you next time…

The above picture was taken by my cousin, Grace Barrington Niederlehner.

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