It’s the Little Things

If you had asked me six months ago if I’d get excited about finding a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer under my sink, I’d have said, “you’re crazy! A little thing like that causing me to be excited?”.

But lo and behold, that is exactly where I found myself recently – doing the happy dance over a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer. Amazing what a pandemic will do to you, and to your values.

I pondered that for a moment, and realized that’s my silver lining in all this – getting excited over the little things in life.

Hand sanitizer, TOILET PAPER, anti-bacterial wipes, restaurant delivery services, grocery delivery services, curb-side pickup, face masks – just to name a few. There have been numerous happy dances at our house.

Seriously, though, it IS the little things in life that mean the most. A phone call, not a text, but an actual phone call with a family member or friend. A card sent or received. The smile of your 92-year-old mom, as you and other family members window sing “Happy Birthday” to her. The smile of a child waving to you on a Zoom meeting.

We mustn’t take the little things for granted. We have seen how quickly life can change, and most of us realize we will never go back to what life was like before COVID19 became part of our vocabulary.

While we can’t go back, we can create our “new normal”. We can and will be happy. We can and will enjoy life. We can and will laugh again. How? Our Heavenly Father will lead us and guide us into our new chapters.

Make the most of what you have. Enjoy the little things in life.

See you next time…


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